Puritan’s Pride Bundle Promos and Discounts in Shopee 8.8


Supplements are a great way to give your health an extra boost! Even since the pandemic began, we make sure we have enough supply of food supplements including Vitamins C, D and D3. I used to buy in the pharmacy but was afraid to catch the virus so I look for the official store of Puritan’s Pride on Shopee. I found it, placed my order and they arrived in no time. The seller is nice to deal with too. The items were all well-packed as well.

Puritan's Pride Vitamins
Puritan’s Pride Vitamins

At first I just bought their Vitamin D3 and Zinc, then on my next order I bought the Vitamin C500mg with Bioflavonoids w/ wild rose hips. Aside from these, Puritan’s Pride has Melatonin Nightime Sleep Aid and magnesium citrate. Here’s their Shopee Official Shop, click here (Puritans Pride).

Puritan's Pride Headspace Pack
Puritan’s Pride Headspace Pack
Puritan's Pride Vitamin C, Melatonin and Magnesium Citrate
Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C, Melatonin and Magnesium Citrate

With the upcoming Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, I might get another bottle of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C500mg with Bioflavonoids w/ wild rose hips since I already have few tabs left after sharing them with my siblings. This Puritan’s Pride Headspace Pack is worth buying as well.

For me, Vitamins are very important now more than ever as face the threat of Covid-19. With proper nutrition, enough sleep and rest our body can withstand, fight or easily recover from many types of illnesses and diseases.

Available in Shopee!
Available in Shopee!

Stay home, stay safe! There’s no need to go out to shop, we can find almost everything we need at the Shopee app! At Puritan’s Pride official store, you can find over over 100+ vitamins and supplements that address every lifestyle, major health concerns for gut health, sleep and general are available. Start downloading the app now and enjoy great discounts on August 8. Happy shopping!

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