Shopee-ing For Snacks: Super Delights Brownies, Butterscotch & More


We are now on the last few days of summer and what better way to end this is going on a road trip or short vacation with friends and family. For those who prefers to stay at home and watch a movie or play board games, just replenish your pantry with snacks and drinks. Aside from cold bottle juice, coffee and homemade sandwiches, I like to add some cookies and chips. I’m glad there’s Prifood Store on Shopee.

PriFood on Shopee

Prifood is a snack food manufacturer in the Philippines that started in the corn chip line and expanded into producing other products like bakery products and other snack chips. They manufactured products such as Super Delights Brownie Bites and Mini Choco Chips, Butterscotch, and Super Delights Mamon Tostado.

Super Delights Brownies

Super Delights Brownie Bites (P118 from P131) are chocolatey and fudgy snack in every bite! Now for chips, I ordered the Super Crunch Corn Chips Sweetcorn Flavor, with sweet and salty flavors blending well to create one awesome snack!

With Snackers Nachos Cheese Flavor, you can easily make nachos at home. The best crunchy and yummy snack for every occasion, whether it be watching movies at home, hanging out with friends, or going on outdoor activities! It’s everything you need to have a good time alone or with a big group!

Snackers Nachos
Snackers Nachos

My niece and nephews will surely love the Super Delights Mini Choco Chip Cookies. It’s available in 175 grams, pack of three for only P109 from P121. A go-to snack that’s crunchy, chocolatey, and covered in premium chocolate chips.

If you love both brownies and butterscotch, you should try their Super Delights Browniescotch. It has combined chocolatey and milky-caramel flavors made with premium chocolate chips and caramel chips that anyone can’t resist.


Are you craving for chicharon? The Super Crunch Chipcharon is a delicious and guilt-free snack made of green peas but with the texture and crunch of chicharon without the added guilt. It is available in three flavors that surely people will love: Lechon Kawali, Suka’t Sili, and Pinoy Bawang.

Prifood continuously expands its product lines to be able to provide its consumers with the highest quality products at the best value. Save on Super Delight and Super Cruch products if you order on Prifood’s official store on Shopee from June 10-12. Get up to 20% off on selected products, freebies and shipping discount.

My Shopee Faul!
My Shopee Faul!

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If you haven’t tried Prifood products, visit them on Shopee and add them to cart today while they are still on sale. Can’t wait to unbox my Prifood package from Shopee!

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