Daikin @10: Advocates on Health through Improving Air Quality


With modern technology, today’s air-conditioning units are now more than just the basic concept of heating and cooling. For Daikin, air conditioning is also further defined as an avenue to contribute in improving the quality of the environment and furthermore the lives of the people by continuously developing new products for residential and commercial market.

This was the highlight of the recent Daikin Philippines press conference held at Marriott Hotel Manila in Pasay City.

Daikin Philippines
A Decade with Daikin Philippines:  (From L-R) Division Manager of Sales Operation – Mr. JED Caburian, Vice President – Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka, Daikin Philippines’ President – Mr. Lee Wai Kok, Division Manager of Human Resources And General Affairs – Mr. Gerry Cortez and Daikin Consultant for After Sales Services – Mr. Ogie Quitco.
Daikin Soaring High @ 10
Lee Wai Kok
Mr. Lee Wai Kok, President, Daikin Philippines

What is Indoor Air Quality?

For these reasons, Daikin has continued on with its aim for Inverterization, as well as tackling another significant issue, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. It is also an advocacy recognized by Green Building Organizations as it is very much evident how the air quality in the world is worsening thus the need to take action and make adjustments and stop compromising wellness with progress.

Improving Air Quality
Improving Air Quality
Daikin Air Purifiers
Daikin Line of Air Purifiers

Diakin Air Purifiers & More

For the residential market, Daikin has released a full range of Air Purifiers to help families in reducing the risks of illness such as asthma. While for the commercial market, Daikin has developed products that is capable of inducing fresh air that is essential to attaining the best conditions for the people occupying the space.

Daikin Air Purifiers offer a unique air purifying technology to protect indoor environments at home, office, and everywhere clean air is important.

Diakin Air Conditioner
Diakin Line of Air Conditioners
Daikin Multi Inverter
Daikin Multi Inverter: R32

Other Daikin products featured at the media conference included the following:

  • Daikin Multi- Inverter – a single condensing unit that allows connection of up to 3 indoor units
  • Daikin Premium Inverter FTKM – a sleek and stylish Coanda Panel Design that steers air upwards and aims to be most efficient 5-Star Energy Efficient Residential Air Conditioner.
  • Daikin Large Floor Standing – latest addition to its extensive line of Packaged Air Conditioners
  • Enhanced Daikin VRV
Daikin FTKM
Daikin Premium Inverter FTKM
Daikin SKyAIr
Daikin SkyAIr

As Daikin’s flagship air-conditioner, the last one is a new Anti-Corrosion model provides a solution to the longstanding problem that projects located in reclamation areas face.

The unit features the use of a remarkably superior corrosion-resistant hot-dip Zinc-Aluminum- Magnesium (ZAM) alloy coated steel sheet product, which is 10-20 times better than hot dip zinc coated steel sheets which will enable the end users to protect their investment as well as get the best out it.

Daikin Philippines
Daikin Philippines Press Conference

Congratulations to Daikin Philippines on their decade of innovation in the country where nature meets modernization in 5-star technology!

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