Sanofi PH and Connected Women to Raise Awareness on Family Health


I just attended a healthcare forum on Kidney Health hosted by Sanofi Philippines in partnership with Connected Women. The forum was hosted by Suzi Abrera with special guest, Dra. Lynn Gomez. It was a very interesting topic about common renal diseases.  The link between hypertension, diabetes and kidney problem were also discussed by the speaker.


FamHealthy with Connected WomenDuring the discussion, Dr. Lynn Gomez, past President of the Philippine Society of Nephrology, talked about the basics of kidney health and how to prevent kidney diseases.

“If you are able to detect kidney diseases early, then we can treat it. It’s preventable, and like we always say, ‘Everything in moderation’”. The next two installments of the forum series will be held in the upcoming months, and will tackle discussions on other relevant lifestyle diseases.

Kidney Care
Kidney Care by Dra. Lynn Gomez

Connected Women

Dedicated to protecting the health of Filipinos, Sanofi Philippines has partnered up with Connected Women for a three-part online forum series to raise awareness on family health and lifestyle diseases. As Connected Women’s official healthcare partner, Sanofi is providing education materials and training to women, to empower them on the healthcare decisions. The partnership was officially launched on June 30, along with the first installment of the forum FAMHEALTHY with Connected Women Online Health Forum discussed kidney health and overall family health.

Sanofi Philippines in partnership with Connected Women

“Sanofi’s Panata is to help Filipinos live healthier, and through this partnership, we are able toreach out to more women, who play the biggest role in family health. We want to empower these women, not just in their careers, but in health as well, and we hope to educate them on how they can better protect their families,” shared Dr. Amal Makkhloufi, Country Lead and General Manager for General Medicines for Sanofi.

“Women have so many responsibilities, and we often have a bad habit of taking care of everyone else but ourselves. With this partnership, we aim to highlight how to prioritize our own health, and to continue to spread the word about common health issues. So we are very excited to be working with an expert in the space of health, with passion in helping women,” said Connected Women Co-Founder Gina Romero.

It was a great discussion and forum. I also learned a lot from the speakers especially on kidney care. Congratulations to Sanofi Philippines and Connected Women for this meaningful partnership.

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