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There are so many things we can do outdoors during summer time. Most people travel and go to the beach. As we enjoy the outdoors, we should not forget to take care of our skin against the scorching heat of the sun and pollution.

When it comes to choosing body lotion and whitening soap, I love the one with a nice scent and that has no sticky feeling afterwards. I also choose whitening products that leave my skin moisturized and glowing. SkinWhite by Splash has been proven effective to brighten skin. It also leaves your skin smell great after shower.

SkinWhite Light
SkinWhite Gluta

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1. SkinWhite Classic Light SPF10 Lotion (Set of 2): Infused with Light- Feel Technology (LFT) to make skin visibly lighter and smoother but WITHOUT the sticky, icky feeling! Packed with Vitanourish Formula and SPF10, SkinWhite Classic Lotion protects the skin against the harmful rays from the sun while keeping your skin moisturized and softer.

2. SkinWhite Whitening Gluta + Vitamin C Lotion SPF 20: Glow your way to white skin in as early as 5 days with SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Lotion! This combines the much-needed Vitamin C that helps further protect the skin from free radicals, and SPF 20 which shields your skin from the sun.

After three consecutive trips to the beach, I need to use SkinWhite to bring back my glowing skin. I apply the SkinWhite PowerWhitening lotion day and night, and use the whitening soap everyday. It also has SPF20 to prevent my skin from UVB rays.

SkinWhite Classic
SkinWhite PowerWhitening Products
SkinWhite by Splash Whitening Products
SkinWhite by Splash Whitening Products

Remember to take care of your skin whatever the season. We should also stay hydrated and increase our fluid intake, drink lots of water and fresh juice to prevent dehydration. Last but not the least, stay happy and positive in life. We look great if we always smile. Make shopping, hassle-free and convenient, order your favorite SkinWhite products on Shopee today!

SkinWhite tote Bag
SkinWhite drawstring canvas bag, perfect bag when going to the beach.

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Have you tried SkinWhite? What’s your favorite variant? Check out more beauty products from Splash Personal Care available on Shopee. Share your thoughts on the comment section below, we would love to read them.

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