Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly as a Greener Alternative


Babyflo, a trusted brand under Philusa Corporation, strengthens its commitment to giving the best care for our daily hygiene needs while caring for the environment with the recent launch of its – new line of eco-friendly cotton buds.

Philusa has long been a key advocate for sustainability, with the primary vision of delivering greener alternatives for many of their iconic brands such as Babyflo and Cleene.

Babyflo Philusa
From L-R: Philusa Corporation Head of Marketing Maya Leander, Philusa Corporation Brand Manager Jacqueline Pe, Philusa Corporation President and General Manager Neogin Evangelista, and influencer/host Janeena Chan.

They have implemented biodegradable, recyclable, and other sustainable options for their products as well as campaigns calling for effective actions for the environment.

As per the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Philippines is losing approximately 52,000 trees per day. Every year, 47,000 hectares of forest, an area roughly three times the size of Quezon City, is destroyed by logging, slash-and-burn farming, and land conversion.

Recognizing the serious environmental issues the country is currently experiencing, Filipino consumers are becoming ‘reuse revolutionaries’, which means that they are more aware of the disastrous impacts of waste in our landfills and the environment. Hence, consumers are now keen on making a difference and ensuring that they are having a positive impact on the planet we live in.

Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly

The good news is, Babyflois here to make living a sustainable lifestyle easier by giving us an earth friendly choice of cotton buds – Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-friendly.

Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly
Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly are made of unbleached paper stems that come from managed forests,, 100% pure cotton tips and they come in biodegradable packaging.

It is the first Earth-minded cotton buds in the market made of 100% pure cotton tips, unbleached paper stems that come from responsibly managed forests, and biodegradable packaging so families can make their personal care routine greener.

Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly sources its paper from managed forests thereby ensuring that every tree that is used to make the product is replaced.

The journey toward our goal starts with a single step. Through this product, Babyflo aims to be every Filipino’s buddy towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle,” remarked Mr. Neogin Evangelista, Philusa Corporation President and General Manager. “Philusa being a homegrown Filipino brand, has always been at the forefront of taking small steps and sometimes even big leaps towards a greener Philippines.

Makeup artist Chuchie Ledesma demonstrates how to use Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly for personal care and grooming, including make-up application.

Aside from personal hygiene, Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly can be used for a variety of tasks, such as removal or application of cosmetic products, application of medicine on injuries / wounds, and removing smudged nail polish, to name a few. The unbleached paper stems are sturdy, and the 100% pure cotton tips are also durable, which makes them ideal for different uses.

One thing that prevents us from living a more sustainable lifestyle is the lack of eco-friendly options. Now that this product is out and available, we hope that it could encourage more people to choose a greener lifestyle and inspire them to be more mindful of their everyday choices,” said Jacquiline Pe, Brand Manager of Babyflo Cotton buds.

Start your budding green lifestyle with Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-friendly, now available in Mercury Drug, Robinsons, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, and other retail stores nationwide and online.

Philusa Corporation President and General Manager, Neogin Evangelista, shares his key insights on Philusa’s long commitment to sustainability

As a consumer, let’s  live a greener lifestyle is by looking at the products we use on a regular basis and switching to a more eco-friendly options such as the Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-friendly.

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