Hunts Pork And Beans Recipes: Enjoy Up To 51% off on Century Food on Shopee


There are several ways you can enjoy this childhood favorite Hunts Pork and Beans. One of my favorites is Hunts Pork and Beans with Pandesal. Here are other ways to prepare it:

Caldereta with Hunts Pork and Beans

Have you tried cooking caldereta or mechado with Hunts Pork and Beans? It makes the dish tastier, flavorful and thicker sauce. Try it one of these days.

Pork and Beans in Tortilla wrap

An easy to prepare meal anytime of the day is the Pork and Beans wrap. Add some lettuce and sliced tomatoes and sprinkle with parmesan cheese then wrap in a soft tortilla.

Creamy Pork and Beans served with Toasted Bread

This dish is great on cold weather. I consider this a comfort food. To make Creamy Pork and Beans, just heat Hunts Pork and Beans and add 2 scoops of all-purpose cream and sprinkle with herbs. Serve with a slice or two of toasted bread and you’ll have a tasty soup.

Century Food on Shopee
 Century Food Official store on Shopee
Other Century Food products
Other Century Food products

These are just some of the many things you can do with Hunts Pork and Beans. To explore many dishes, get the Hunts Pork and Beans and other Century Food products at 51% off on Century Food’s Official store on Shopee Mall on June 7. Enjoy get Free Shipping vouchers too!

Hunt's Pork & Beans
Hunts Pork & Beans Haul from the recent Shopee Payday Sale

Other Century Food products you can get at Shopee includes Hunts Tomato Sauce, Century Tuna, Argentina corned beef, Birch Tree milk, Angel Condesanda and Evaporada milk, Coco Mama Fresh Gata and 555 Sardines.

Share your Hunts Pork and Beans and Hunts Tomato Sauce recipes on the comment section. We would love to read them. Enjoy the Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year sale!

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