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Self-care should be our top priority especially now that we are in pandemic. It’s a broad concept which covers hygiene, nutrition, mental, and spiritual wellness. Proper skin care is just one of the things we should not taken for granted.

After a year, I was able to visit the derma for the much-needed facial treatment. It was just a few weeks ago. I needed to visit her because of a mild skin allergy if not for this, I will just continue my skin care routine. Besides, most of the skin care products I use are available in online shopping platforms such as Shopee. Unilever’s Pond’s Age Miracle products are on top of my list. I’ve been using it since 2015.

Pond's Age Miracle
Been using Pond’s Age Miracle since 2015

Before pandemic, Pond’s would always invite in their product launches. They had this skin analyzer. It’s a device/machine that analyzes your skin if it’s too oily or dry and even tells your skin’s age. I miss attending Pond’s events but I’m thrilled with the Skin Advisor Live (SAL) exclusively on Shopee.

Skin Advisor Live (SAL) on Shopee
Skin Advisor Live (SAL) on Shopee

SAL is an AI-powered diagnostic tool built on AI-designed Conversational Bot, now augmented with human interaction. The tool is designed to study your skin type and recommend the best Pond’s products to achieve the best skin for you.

Skin Advisor Chat Room
Skin Advisor Live Chat Room


Here’s how to use Pond’s Skin Advisor Live: Chat, Snap and Buy!

1. Chat by clicking “Chat Now” when you open the Pond’s product on their official store on Shopee.
2. Snap a selfie. SAL will provide a skin analysis for free and share product recommendations that are more suitable for your skin. You may also choose “What should I buy?” and let SAL know your skin goals instead.
3. You can easily buy products on Shopee base on the skin analysis.

Aside from this great innovation, Pond’s will be offering exciting deals and promos through the Pond’s ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You campaign from January 20-22 on Shopee.

Pond's 'Smarter Skincare Just For You
Pond’s ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You

1. Discounts up to 50% off on selected items
2. Three lucky winners can take home one of the following:
> a Panasonic Facial Steamer
> a Panasonic Facial Cleanser
> P10,000 worth of POND’s vouchers for a minimum spend of P999 on January 22.

I tried the Skin Advisor’s Live on Shopee. The Pond’s Skin Advisor Live was a big help especially now that we want to maintain social distancing and a visit to the skin clinic is not a priority. After the skin analysis, I was presented with product recommendation. I hope you will also try the free Skin Advisor Live.

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