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When it comes to skin care, I choose the ones that are made from natural ingredients. Products that has anti-aging and rich in anti-oxidant.

The cold weather makes my skin dry and itchy. It seems that my current moisturizer is not enough to hydrate my skin so I decided to give Bio Science Bio-Gold Premium Skin Care products a try. I got a set of Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser, Bio-Gold Gold Water, and Bio-Gold 24K Gold Night Cream.

Bio Science Premium Skin Care on Shopee
Bio Science Premium Skin Care products are now available on Shopee

The Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser comes in a 100g handy tube. I love the mild scent and the rich, fine foam gives my skin gentle cleanse. Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser is infused with Bio Energy Complex 24K Bio-Gold that helps energize and rejuvenates the skin. It has antioxidant properties that work on preventing early signs of aging like fine lines. I love that it doesn’t leave a tight feeling after washing. I use it day and night, followed by Bio-Gold Water.

Bio Gold Cleanser
Bio Gold Cleanser (Php499)

24K Gold in skin care

Did you know that 24K gold has been used in ancient royalties as a powerful anti-oxidant? It helps protect the skin against free radicals caused by pollution and other chemicals. The anti-oxidant works on fighting free radicals making our skin smooth and rejuvenated. This is how Bio-Gold Water works on our skin. Bio-Gold Essence Water is available in 30ml hygienic bottle.

Bio Gold Water Bio Gold Essence Water
Bio Gold Essence Water (Php549) 30ml

Skin care routine won’t be complete without a night cream. It’s a must in our skin care regimen. Night cream works as skin naturally repairs while we sleep. Bio-Gold 24K Gold Night Cream has anti-oxidant power that makes our skin soft and glowing.

Bio-Gold 24K Gold Night Cream
Bio-Gold 24K Gold Night Cream (Php1,599)

Infused with Bio Science’s proprietary formula called Bio-Energy Complex, it helps our skin renew and repair as we continually use Bio Science products. I applied it on my face, neck and dry areas like the back of my hands before bedtime.

Bio-Gold 24K Night Cream
Bio-Gold 24K Night Cream

Bio Science products come in a pretty, gold packaging. Get yours as well on Shopee as Bio-Science is available with a discount up to 55% for their Grand Launch from Feb. 22-28. Also, get this lovely Vanity Pouch free with every Bio-Science order with no minimum purchase.

Bio Science Gold SALE on Shopee!
Bio Science Gold SALE on Shopee!

Choosing the right product for your skin is important. What do you think of Bio Science Bio Gold? Share your thoughts!

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