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Global warming and climate change are evident. We took Mother Earth for granted, forgetting to be mindful of its importance and significance.

Messy Bessy Products are available in Shopee
Messy Bessy Products are available in Shopee

There’s still time to protect the only home we have before it is too late. Because where else can we live if the earth fades away?

We can start in our home and household. Composting instead of throwing kitchen scraps in the garbage. Being mindful of the products we use at home. Teaching our kids the importance of conserving energy and water. These are just few of the many things we can do to help save the earth.

I have a small edible garden at home where I grow variety of vegetables such as eggplant, talinum, tomato, mustard, pechay, lettuce and beans. In small containers you will find herbs like mint and basil. I grow them in recycled mineral water containers and used milk tea cups. I fed them with organic fertilizer called vermicast which I also make from kitchen scraps, paper, cartons, coffee and dry leaves. This system allows me to use waste material from the kitchen instead of throwing them in the garbage.

MarJonel's Organic Garden
MarJonel’s Organic Garden

Switching to Eco-friendly Products

Another way to protect our environment is by making better choices on household cleaning products by using natural and chemical-free household cleaning solutions. Today, you can easily find these products on Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in the country.

Messy Bessy store on Shopee
Messy Bessy store on Shopee

How do you wash your veggies and fruits? I know someone who uses dishwashing soap to clean fruits and veggies. It could be safe as long as it’s made from natural ingredients. You may also try the Messy Bessy Fruit and Veggie Wash available in 250ml.

Messy Bessy Fruit Veggie Wash
Messy Bessy Fruit Veggie Wash

With Covid-19 still a worldwide health threat, the only we can do is follow health and safety protocols. Maintaining our home and surrounding clean and disinfected should will prevent us from possibly getting infected with this deadly virus. At home, I use the Minty Orange Surface Cleaner (500ml) from Messy Bessy. I love the citrusy scent!

Messy Bessy Surface Cleaner
Messy Bessy Surface Cleaner in Mint and Orange

How about our beauty products? Maybe, it’s time that we should be take a look at some of the products we apply on our skin. Are they made from harsh chemicals that might pose health concerns in the future?

It’s been two years now when I made a switch to natural hair and skin care products. I’m glad I made the right choice.

Messy Bessy Hand Body Wash
Messy Bessy Hand & Body Wash

Our skin is the first line of defense against germs and viruses and it deserves proper care. I’m glad that there are products in the market that we can trust when it comes to skin care. If you love hand cream, you should try the Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh (50g) and Hand and Body Wash Bamboo Fresh 50ml from Messy Bessy.

Last but not the least, one of the most important item that we should have at home and when going out is a bottle of hand sanitizer. Messy Bessy’s Big Little Warrior Green Tea hand sanitizer is one of my favorites because of its lovely scent and natural ingredients.

Little Warrior Sanitizer
Little Warrior Sanitizer

Celebrate Earth Day by supporting sustainable products and eco-friendly alternatives from Messy Bessy in Shopee’s Shop Green campaign! From April 19 to 25, get up to 25% off on selected eco-friendly products! Download the Shopee app now and register.

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