“BiyaHERO” Highlights Road Safety Advocacy of Shell in PH

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Did you know that over 300 serious road-safety related injuries and 35 fatalities happen in the Philippines per day? These occurrences  also costs our economy about $27M.

Let’s admit it, the road safety conditions in the Philippines is mostly deplorable. If the problem is not in the infrastructure itself, it’s discipline of the pedestrian, the driver, or other factors in the road such as side walk vendors.

Road Safety Philippines
Road Safety Philippines Statistics
Solaire Resorts
Safer Mobility and Logistics Conference and Exhibition” @ Solaire Resorts

In fact, “87% of 40lm/hr+ roads with pedestrians have no formal sidewalk“; a situation with a very high risk of accident for both the people forced to be on the road and the cars as well.

But not all hope is lost. In the concern of infrastructure, the current administration is exerting major efforts for its ‘Build, Build, Buildinfrastructure programs, among others. On the other hand, local officials such as Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno has started a campaign to clean-up major streets of illegal vendors and structure that blocks the roads and sidewalks for pedestrians. Other surrounding local administrations immediately followed suit.

As for the private sector, Pilipinas Shell has a good news for us! They just launched the “BiyaHero” campaign earlier today at the “Safer Mobility and Logistics Conference and Exhibition” held at Solaire Resorts in Pasay City. It brings together the public and private sectors for more cooperation in making the nation’s roads safer for Filipinos.

The conference runs until tomorrow – September 25, 2019.

Pilipinas Shell
Pilipinas Shell Supports “Safer Mobility and Logistics Conference and Exhibition
Road Safety
Road Safety in the Philippines: “87% of 40lm/hr+ roads with pedestrians have no formal sidewalk

BiyaHERO by Pilipinas Shell

Pilipinas Shell’s “BiyaHero” campaign has partnered with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), the Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP), and the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP) to advocate road safety in the country

BiyaHero is a campaign that promotes road safety as a shared responsibility between everyone on the road to highlight Shell’s initiatives in engaging both NGOs and local governments for road safety improvements.

We at Shell believe the first step to achieving road safety is to be aware of responsible driving practices,” said Oliver Ortega, Shell Companies in the Philippines’ General Manager for Health, Safety, Security and Environment. “Road safety starts with all of us, and being aware, alert, and prepared can help save lives.

Shell launches “BiyaHERO” Campaign
Public and Private Sector Cooperates for PhilippinesRoad Safety

Short for “Be a Hero on the Road,” Biyahero is currently working with the AAPPGRSP to introduce safer driving practices in Lipa, Batangas. Shell and the AAPPGRSP have been partnered since 2008.

The ECCP hopes that the conference sparks discussion among safety and logistics stakeholders about how they could contribute to mainstreaming safety by exchanging ideas, initiatives, technology, and best practices.

Moreover, Mandaluyong city also serves as the campaign’s pilot city for all of Shell road safety efforts. The company plans to involve other cities in the multisectoral efforts to realize better nationwide road safety.

Oliver Ortega
We at Shell believe the first step to achieving road safety is to be aware of responsible driving practices,” said Oliver Ortega, General Manager for Health, Safety, Security and Environment, Pilipinas Shell
Shell BiyaHERO
Shell BiyaHERO

Despite comprehensive laws like R.A. 4136, or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, road accidents continue to be a significant problem. The Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis (MMARAS) 2018 annual report recorded 116,906 total accidents, an increase of approximately 6000 incidents compared to the prior year.

Some, if not most, of our kababayans have this mentality that ‘if I can get away with it, I’ll do it.’ They violate traffic laws because they dont see enforcers around,” said Cyntia Reyes from AAP-PGRSP.

BiyaHero is taking a more holistic approach to solving the problem by promoting a new kind of safety culture in the Philippines. Through this event, BiyaHero will bring all relevant communities together to envision safer roads throughout the country.

De La Salle University
De La Salle University at the Exhibition

BiyaHERO Engagements

As part of the BiyaHero campaign, Shell has prepared several measures that involve numerous different organizations to help promote road safety.

Shell service centers at the retail gas stations have year-long special offers, such as a free 14-point safety check by expert mechanics to motorists who want to make sure that their vehicles are roadworthy. Free engine insurance and roadside assistance are also available for those who opt for the Shell Helix Ultra oil change package.

At the Exhibition

The initiatives in Lipa and Mandaluyong both include a Road Safety for Children program that hopes to instill the youth with the knowledge of how to be responsible on the road.

In addition to training its own truck drivers on how to be safe and responsible on the road, Shell has also partnered with A1 Driving School to teach customers defensive driving.

Shell believes that through ‘BiyaHero,’ everyone can come together to share the responsibility of making every road in the Philippines safer,” adds Ortega.

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
In coordination with European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP)

Partnerships between Shell and PNP, PNP-HPG, and LTO to disseminate informative materials such as copies of RA 4136 also help ensure the safety and security of drivers during their journeys.

In addition, BiyaHero features various safe driving tips that every driver can use daily to stay responsible, such as the different ways to properly maintain a vehicle as well as what a driver can do to minimize discomfort when in transit.

Undoubtedly, the road is long towards an acceptable road safety condition in the Philippines, but the Shell BiyaHERO campaign is a good building block from the efforts of the public and private sector towards that goal!

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