Improve Muscle Mass: Dyna Drug Brings Recogen to the Philippines


Fitness doesn’t have to take the backseat even after we have forgone gym sessions amidst this Covid-19 health pandemic. You can continue your active lifestyle through a good home exercise routine and other activities.

Another good news for fitness enthusiasts like runners and triathletes, is that Recogen is now in the Philippines. It’s a food supplement that helps them keep track of muscle health and support their daily activities. Distributed by Dyna Drug Corporation, Recogen is a nutritional and diet supplement with bioactive collagen peptides—which plays an important role in joint cartilage regeneration and building muscle mass as well, making it an important component for athletes’ muscle rehabilitation.

Recogen Dyna Drug
Fitness News: Recogen is now in the Philippines through Dyna Drug

Collagen and Muscle Mass Building

While we may be familiar with collagen when it comes to skin care, collagen also play an important role in joint cartilage and muscle regeneration.

Collagen peptide is a chain of amino acids that acts as a connective tissue for the skin and bones. It is a type of protein that provides structure to the body’s bones, skin, tendons and ligaments and is naturally produced by the body to act as chains, connecting different joints in our body and improve skin elasticity.

Aside from improving skin elasticity and joint health, collagen plays a big role in improving muscle mass. Collagen contains the amino acids proline and glycine which both help in muscle growth, making them an important component of muscle mass.

Recogen is a nutritional and diet supplement with bioactive collagen peptides

Healthy Joints and Muscles Start with Recogen

Recogen can keep you moving with 100% pure Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) from Germany which helps to repair and regenerate cartilage for strong joints. Bioactive Collagen Peptide is a kind of collagen which is more easily absorbed by the body due to its shorter chains of amino acids. It is hydrolyzed, meaning it’s broken down with water, which makes it easily absorbed by the bloodstream upon digestion. The bioactive collagen peptide in Recogen are smaller to help the body absorb it more quickly and effectively.

Multiple studies also prove that, when taken with regular exercise, collagen supplements help build more muscle mass versus exercising alone. Since athletes are more physically active, their muscles are more prone to getting worn out at an early age. Taking collagen supplements will help them with joint and muscle pain and in the regeneration and rebuilding of their muscle mass.

Recogen also gives users a boost in energy – it is high in nutrient and amino acids to enhance muscle strength and give you the boost you need to live an active lifestyle. Recogen is also enhanced with two crucial amino acids; glycine and proline. Glycine is an amino acid that helps stimulate muscle growth, while proline is used by the body to produce different proteins, including collagen.

Recogen prevents the risk of arthritis and other joint related conditions as it aids the regeneration of cartilage. A joint clinical trial carried out by Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical Center in 2011 showed that Recogen can improve cartilage tissue in 48 weeks, helping prevent joint conditions such as Osteoarthritis.

With Recogen’s nutrients and amino acids to keep your muscles and joints healthy, you can live the active and fulfilling life you deserve. It is currently available at for only Php 2,610 per 30 sachets.

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