Rob’s – Ribs, Oysters, & Bourbon Shack Opens in Newport World Resorts


Care for some ‘surf and turf’, anyone? There’s just something about it that’s hard to resists, specially if enjoyed with a group of friends.

Appreciating the bounty of the earth and the fresh catch of the day, it is the distinct cool, calm, and collected coastal energy that makes people want to sit down and dig their way through heaps of finger-licking, lip-smacking delights.

Robs Newport
Rob’sRibs, Oysters, & Bourbon Shack just opened in Newport Mall, Newport World Resorts
Bone Marrow
Awwww Shucks (roasted bone marrow and six pieces garlic herb oysters, sourdough toast)
Baby Back Ribs
Bourbon Baby Back Ribs (coffee rubbed house BBQ sauce)

Rob’s – Ribs, Oysters, & Bourbon Shack 

Perfect in the ambience of Newport World Resorts, swirling in a dash of good spirits, Rob’sRibs, Oysters, & Bourbon Shack just opened at the 2F of Newport Mall.

With its bold approach to new American all-day fine casual dining, the expansive favorites are complemented by an extensive cocktail menu that hits all the right spots. The best of smoked meat, the freshest of seafood, and a comprehensive whiskey and bourbon bar?

Rob's Bourbon
Cheers with Rob’s Bourbon!
Crab & Shrimp Louise Salad
Crab & Shrimp Louise Salad (fresh crab and shrimp, crunchy greens, Louise dressing)
Diablo Oysters
Diablo Oysters
Crab Scallop
Shrimp, Crab, & Scallop Pan Roast

Pull up a chair, because it’s all about a great time here!

The Man Behind Rob’sChef Robby!

Tracing its origins from a love for soul food such as the good ‘ol gumbo and barbecue, as well as of Italian hole-in-the-wall joints in San Francisco, the chief orchestrator of the menu, Chef Robby Goco, built Rob’s with all the good stuff, such as BBQ Trays (signature smoked chicken inasal, beef short ribs, pork ribs, served with choice of sides), which can be enjoyed with either local Aklan oysters or imported French, Irish, or Japanese oysters, Raw Bar, which includes a regular seafood tower, as well as a premium one (with fresh slipper lobster), an Italian sashimi platter (tuna, sashimi, hamachi, tanigue topped with olive oil and capers), broiled local Tabak oysters, charbroiled seafood platter, and the pan roast (mixed seafood in a concoction of butter, cream, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, celery salt, and a tomato-based chile sauce).

Rob's Sashimi
Rob’s Sashimi (fresh tuna, Hamachi, snapper trout, extra virgin olive oil citrus dressing, crush shallots and capers)
Strawberry Tea Smash
Shrimp Dish with a red cocktail called “Strawberry Tea Smash
Freshest of Seafoods!

Newport World Resorts

Newport Mall

Roast Beef
Roast Beef Signature Plate

The undertaking of the well-intended surf and turf feast with a dash of spirits is nearly picture perfect. In the 40-seater space of the elevated dining experience in a refined and cool atmosphere, dimmed down with a little bit of jazz, there stands the focal point, the bar that proudly stacks some of the best bourbon cocktails such as the Classic Mint Julep, Smoked Sagada Sour, and the signature, Rob’s Hot BBQ Sour, which not only is good to order as is, but is also best paired with their top-notch food and overall experience as well.

In addition to an already rumbling selection of gastronomic standouts, there is also an offering of small bites, such as oyster bar fried fresh sardines, fried calamari style baby squid or Chipriones, burnt ends, the yummy dynamite shrimps, and the irresistible lightly salted fried freshest vannamei shrimps.

Hungry? Well, wait no further and make a mad dash for ROB’S, because clearly, this is where you belong. For the same reason, such gustatory spots  are a constant in the food landscape of any vibrant culture.

Lobster Makaronada
Lobster Makaronada (fresh spiny lobster, bourbon tomato sauce, parsley garlic butter)
Aklan Oyster
Another Oyster Dish
Roasted Bone Marrow
Awwww ShucksRoasted Bone Marrow upclose, complete with garlic herb oysters on sourdough toast
NomNom Club
Chef Robby Goco with Jonel Uy of Good News Manila and NomNom Club

ROB’s is open on weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.n., Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., and is located on the 2nd floor, Newport Mall, Pasay City.

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Reserve now and contact 0945 726 9984. For updates and promotions, follow Rob’s on Facebook and IG at @robs.ribsoystersbourbon.

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