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Now is the right time to replenish your bathroom cabinets with your favorite skin and hair care products from Unilever Beauty – Dove, Cream Silk, POND’s, and a lot more at Shopee’s New Brand Spotlight.

Unilever Beauty Products
Yes to Positive Beauty!

Brand Spotlight is a new Shopee Mall campaign where users can have access to exclusive daily deals from their favorite brands. These are unique offers such as new product launches, exclusive bundles, and other promos that are only available in Shopee!

Get your favorite Dove Beauty products on Shopee
Get your favorite Dove Beauty products on Shopee

Huge Discount on Jan. 24!

Every morning, I open my Shopee app to check on promos, collect free shipping vouchers and review my cart. Today also, I found out that Unilever Beauty has an ongoing sale of up to 45% off on selected items. Of course, I took advantage of this promo and ordered the 2L Dove Nourishing Cream bath. I also noticed a new product from Cream Silk, the Triple Keratin Rescue Treatment Wrap at 45% off so I ordered just one to try it. For the face, there’s POND’s Antibacterial Facial Foam.

How to Get Rid of Maskne?

POND’s Anti- Bacterial Facial Foam is the first step in your anti-maskne routine. Before and after a long day of wearing your mask, be sure to cleanse your face with POND’s facial wash. It’s formulated with an anti-bacterial ingredient tested by dermatologists, Advance Protect Technology that kills 99% of maskne-causing bacteria, as per lab test. It is also formulated with BHA that removes dead skin cells and excess sebum deep within your pores and Glycerin that allows skin to retain moisture.

POND's Antibacterial Facial Wash
POND’s Antibacterial Facial Wash

Proper skin care before and after wearing your face mask is very important to prevent mask acne. Make sure to change your mask regularly to prevent skin irritation.

Aside from skin and hair care products, hand soaps are part of our Covid care kit. Thanks to Lifebuoy, they are offering a huge discount on Lifebuoy hand soap.

Lifebuoy Hand Soap on Shopee
Lifebuoy Hand Soap on Shopee

So what are you waiting for, open the Shopee app now and visit the Unilever Beauty official store. The POND’S Antibacterial Facial Foam will be on an exclusive bundle with the POND’S Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes on Shopee today, Jan 24!

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Remember to stay beautiful, healthy and safe! Share with us your Shopee haul, we would love to know them.

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