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It’s 59 days ’til Christmas. Have you started your holiday shopping? Shopee starts the holiday season with Christmas in Our Carts, a gift guide to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. This sale will highlight bundle deals and special discounts from favorite brands. LAIKOU, beauty and skin care brand offers huge discount and gift sets that are perfect for the holidays.

LAIKOU adopts natural plant essences and well-chosen formulas to ensure the users to have healthy and beautiful skins. We listed some of the products from LAIKOU.

1. LAIKOU Japan Sakura Cleanser It contains Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract and Niacinamid to gently remove dirt and blackheads. It is currently on sale at 38% off.

LAIKOU Sakura Skincare Set
Laikou Official Store on Shopee

2. LAIKOU Sakura Skincare Set (serum + cream +eye cream

It has sakura extract that helps replenish moisture deeply and repair damage skin.

LAIKOU Sakura Skincare Set
LAIKOU Sakura Skincare Set

3. LAIKOU Vitamin C Serum

LAIKOU Vitamin C Serum Contains high activity small-molecule Vitamin C. It can antioxidant, remove spots and prevent melanin formation.

Laikou Sakura Vitamin C
Laikou Sakura Vitamin C and 24K Gold Snail Serum

4. LAIKOU 24k Gold Snail Set (serum+cream)

It works as a whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizer in one. It deeply nourishes the skin, keeping skin hydrated and elastic.

5. LAIKOU Face Sunscreen

Laikou Sunscreen
Laikou Sunscreen

6. LAIKOU Matcha Peeling Gel

Laikou Matcha Peeling Gel
Laikou Matcha Peeling Gel

7. LAIKOU Sakura Eye Mask

Japan Sakura Eye Mask
Japan Sakura Eye Mask

8. LAIKOU Centella Sleeping Mask

9. LAIKOU Sakura Toner

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There’s so much to choose from LAIKOU. I am excited to try the Laikou Centella Sleeping Mask and the Japan Sakura Eye Mask. Products are really affordable and comes in a nice packaging.

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