Use GCash “Send Money” & Prevent Spread of COVID-19


Now that we’re on our second week of “Enhanced Community Quarantine“, in Luzon, Philippines, we should remain steadfast in our fight against the Coronavirus disease – Covid 19!

Aside from “staying at home” and “proper hand washing“, one specific way to maintain “social distancing,” is to avoid or minimize the exchange of physical money / currency in our daily monetary transactions and traditional financial remittance processes such as “Pera Padala“.

One specific way is GCash‘s ‘Send Money‘ feature which provides not only convenience to its users, but also lets us practice social distancing, as mentioned.

GCash App
GCash Mobile Application
GCash Send Money
GCash‘s Send Money Feature

GCash Send Money – ‘Express Send

For the unfamiliar, GCash is a useful mobile application that enables its users to buy mobile load, pay bills, send money, pay with GCash QR, shop online and more!

For the “Send Money” feature, it enables you to send funds to your family and friends in real-time with a few taps!

Basically, its about transferring money to another GCash wallet for FREE, no matter what network you’re on! This is called “Express Send“. This means people can send much needed money to loved ones anywhere in the Philippines as long as they have a GCash account!

GCash Express Send
GCash‘s Express Send Feature: – Step 01: Select Send Money on the GCash dashboard. Then tap on Express Send.
Send Money
Step 02. Input the recipient’s mobile number or tap the phonebook icon and choose your desired recipient from your contacts list. Then input the amount you want to send. Tap Next.

For my part, I personally used “Express Send” to send money to my parents who are currently in Batangas. So even if I’m home quarantined, I am able to send money to my parents in the province!

It’s the convenience and practicality we need in these challenging times!

GCash Remittance
Step 03. Review the confirmation page to ensure that the recipient’s mobile number and amount are correct. You may also input an optional message for the recipient. If everything is correct, tap Confirm to send the amount.
Bank Transfer
Step 04. You will receive an in-app confirmation page and an confirmation SMS from 2882 with your transaction details. The recipient will also receive an SMS which will contain the message you have sent.
GCash Send Money
And it’s done! It’s that easy!

GCash Send Money – ‘Send to Bank

On the other hand, you can also quickly send money from a GCash account to a nominated bank account (over 40 partner banks) for FREE via the “Send to Bank“.

This is a good alternative to customers going to banks and doing manual deposits! Through GCash they can just send money to bank accounts at the comfort of their house with a few taps on the app!

And of course it’s FREE unlike other financial apps that charge fees.

GCash Send to Bank
GCashSend to Bank” Feature

So if you are not yet a GCash user yet, now is a good time to do so! Download the GCash App from Google Play or the Apple Appstore here:

Indeed, the GCash Send Money feature promotes social distancing! And in this time where it’s a requirement to avoid the Coronavirus disease COVID-19, it is imperative!

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