Why Angkas Joined Fintech Philippines Association

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Motorcycle ride-hailing app service Angkas recently announced in a forum organized by Fintech Philippines Association (FPh) that they are joining the group as one of its e-commerce advisor to the board of trustees.

Finance x Technology x Transport

Held at ‘The Ark‘ by Unionbank in Makati City, FPh‘s “Fintech April Mixer,” featured some of the major players in finance, technology, and related industries.

George Royeca
Mr. George Royeca , Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs of Angkas, and FinTech April Mixer.

Different speakers, including Mr. George Reyoca (Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs) of Angkas, came together to discuss the role of transport and logistics in the rising e-commerce industry; as well as issues related to water technology and social enterprises.

Fintech and e-commerce are largely interdependent because fintech provides online payment platforms that allow e-commerce to thrive,” Royeca notes. “Without fintech and payment innovations, global e-commerce will not grow as much as it did in recent years,” he adds.

Royeca further highlighted the need for government regulatory agencies to support the ride-hailing industry industry as many low-income earners in the Philippines statistically depend on this for their livelihood. And that instead of ‘limiting‘ them, find ways to educate and improve the process.

The Ark Unionbank
FinTech April Mixer PANEL @ The Ark by Unionbank
Amor Maclang
Ms. Amor Maclang, Fintech Philippines Executive Director and Trustee

Opening the forum with her welcoming remarks, Ms. Amor Maclang (Fintech Philippines executive director and trustee) in turn, underscored fintech’s role in shaping global e-commerce.

Fintech Philippine’s Association strives to promote all e-commerce players, and recognize all contributions to global and micro e-commerce players by creating access to the constant development and improvement of online payment systems,” she stressed. “Our mission in Fintech Philippines is the democratization and access to the technologies by allowing online merchants and service providers to also target as many people as possible through safe and secure means,” she adds.

More about Fintech Philippines

Even just as a young group. Fintech Philippines Association is already the largest and most inclusive association in the Philippines that promotes digital entrepreneurship, among other things.

Justo Ortiz
Mr. Justo Ortiz of Uniobank as Chairman of Fintech Board of Trustees
DragonPay shares insights on digital payments in PH

Their board of trustees, which were also presented during the forum, started with Mr.Justo Ortiz of Uniobank as chairman, Mark Vernon of TagCash as vice chairman and treasurer, Mark Gorriceta of Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra as corporate secretary, and Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. as executive director and trustee.

Arvie De Vera of Unionbank, Edison Tsai of Seedin Technologies Inc., Ida Tiongson of Opal Portfolio Investments, and Gerry Cruz are the trustees.

Fintech Philippines Association
Fintech Philippines Association
The Ark Unionbank
In Makati: The Ark by Unionbank

In a brief interview, George Royeco expressed that Fintech Philippines plays a key role in the e-commerce industry as a stakeholder in the mix of finance and technology and how these can forward ideals which would benefit the society. And that joining FinTech is a key decision as Angkas is a mobile-based app and heavily uses online payment systems in its day-to-day transactions between Angkas drivers and customers.

The teching up of small e-commerce players in the country is something that we in Angkas, in our capacity as advisor to Fintech Philippines, will recommend as a priority undertaking for the near future,” Royeca reveals.

May this partnership between Angkas and FinTech Philippines, together with other industry stakeholders, benefit the society and economy as a whole moving forward.

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2 points
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