Open Access Expands to 2nd BPO Branch Office in Makati

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It seems that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry’s growth in the Philippines is still pointing up as one of its key players Open Access has just recently expanded into its second (2nd) office in Makati.

It’s definitely a good sign, at least for Open Access BPO, as they launched their 3rd location in the country earlier today at the Glorietta 2 Corporate Center in Makati City.

Open Access BPO
Open Access BPO Expands to New Office in Glorietta 2 Corporate Center in Makati City

Open Access BPO is a multilingual outsourcing firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its inception in 2006, it evolved from being a telemarketing company to a full-suite provider of scalable multichannel business solutions.

The new 1,000-seat facility is ready to meet the growing demands of Open Access clients and expanding workforce that is aligned to their new slogan “We speak your language” as it characterizes the company’s multilingual capability and the scalable nature oF its services.

The strong multicultural workforce provides a wide range of outsourcing solutions including multilingual customer support and content moderation in more than 30 languages.

Open Access BPO Makati G2
Open Access BPO Makati G2
Benjamin Davidowitz
CEO Mr. Benjamin Davidowitz at the Open Access BDO Launch

Open Access BPO is the go-to provider for complex business process management work. Our clients have state-of-the-art requirements that can only be met with a state-oFthe-art facility. Our new facility is the kind oF location that can support these demands,“said CEO Benjamin Davidowitz.

This is also the firm’s 6th international office. The firm global offices are in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US, Taipei, Taiwan, and Xiamen, China. The company is also open to to considering the possibility of having another local office in the Visayas region in the future, as revealed in a media interview today.

BPO Philippines
A Good News for the Philippine BPO Industry!

For our continued expansion and growth, we’re always on the lookout for good locations that fit the company and employees’ needs.” adds company President Henry Chang. “We chose this location because of geography and availability of transportation, makes it easy for the employees to get to the office. And going downstairs, there’s a mall. It just makes everything easier and a little more fun.

Here are more photos from the launch and ribbon-cutting ceremony (and party) at the new site today:

Open Access BPO Glorietta 2 Makati
Reception Area at Open Access BPO Glorietta 2 Makati
Open Access Party
Cocktails for the party!
Makati City
Picture! Picture!
Bokeh Shot for aesthetics!
BPO Open Access
It’s a Celebration!
More Cocktails!

We also had a brief location tour of the common areas (as the main premises are confidential to the public). Here are some parts of their office:

Locker Room
The Locker Room
Gym Area
Gym Area for Yoga and other exercises
Lounge ARea
Lounge Area
Eating Area
Eating Area
Open Access
Entrance / Elevator Area

We Speak Your Language

Open Access 8PO also unveiled its new logo, slogan (as mentioned above), and website. These were redeveloped as part of a recent brand refresh, initiated to provide a better user experience to website visitors.

The website now features a streamlined design, and, along with the company logo, is now in blue to highlight the company as a trusted global brand.

It says it all.“adds Davidowitz.”Regardless of what language you’re trying to target, we have it. We speak your language.

Henry Chang
“Cheers!” by Open Accesss BPO President Henry Chang
Open Access
New Open Access BPO Logo
Open Access BPO
Congratulations “Open Access BPO“!

Open Access BPO Global
1980 Festival Plaza Dr, Ste 300, Las Vegas, Nevada
Telephone: +1 650-276-5399

Open Access BPO (Makati G2)
11/F Glorietta 2Corporate Center, Makati City, Philippines 1224
Contact: +1.888.888.1519
Twitter / Instagram / Youtube: @OpenAccessBPO

Congratulations to Open Access BPO and more power to your continues growth and contribution to the business process outsourcing industry!

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