GVBOYS’ Road to 1 Million Views in Just 2 Eps


Puregold Channelshoppertainment” concept and first digital series “GVBOYS: Pangmalakasang Good Vibes” reaches close to 1M views in just two episodes as of press time.

True to its title, the series is filled with good vibes and Puregold Channel subscribers and followers have enjoyed the first two episodes so much that the combined views on the Facebook page and YouTube channel have already surpassed 900,000!

GVBOYS Million
GVBOYS nears 1 million views with just 2 episodes

The series stars three promising young actors–Jerome Ponce, Nikko Natividad and Dave Bornea— and comedians Wilma Doesnt and Elsa Droga. Playing Aling Pearly, who owns the boarding house where Daks, Zeus and Jawo (played by Bornea, Ponce and Natividad) reside, is actress Carmi Martin, who was cast in the successful “Chicks to Chicks” sitcom in the 1980s.

GVBOYS: Pangmalakasang Good Vibes” was inspired by 1990s sitcoms, like Palibhasa Lalake and Chika Chika Chicks. But beyond the inspiration from 1990s sitcoms, this modern version has its own identity and brand of fun.

In Episode 1, which aired on July 10, we were introduced to Jawo (Ponce) and Daks (Natividad) who are boarders in the house of Aling Pearly with Kathryn B (Elsa Droga) playing Aling Pearly’s half-sister.

GVBOYS: Pangmalakasang Good Vibes
GVBOYS: Pangmalakasang Good Vibes
Palibhasa Lalake
Inspired from Palibhasa Lalake and Chika Chika Chicks of the 1980s

We also meet Zeus, Aling Pearly’s godson from America, who also stays in the boarding house. But all isn’t well as they discover that Aling Pearly is indebted to Loisa Soberano (played by Wilma Doesnt). With the boarding house as collateral, Loisa wants her money or the house.

In the second episode, which aired on July 17, Jawo, Daks and Zeus vow to help Aling Pearly in whatever way they can. With Kathryn’s help, Jawo gets a job as a movie extra, Dax finds a job online but is apparently led somewhere unsavory, and Zeus tries to sell his stuff online.

They also find out that Zeus’ parents have hired a House Angel named Avana to help him with house chores. When she arrives, Jawo and Daks become infatuated with her.

Meanwhile, Loisa continues to hound Aling Pearly for payment and the boys plot to make her fall in love with one of them.

Jerome Ponce
Jerome Ponce and Nikko Natividad

In the end, it is Jawo who goes on a date with Loisa and seemingly falls in love with her.

Catch the first two episodes of “GVBOYS: Pangmalakasang Good Vibes” for FREE on Puregold Channel’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/puregold.shopping/) and YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/PuregoldChannel).

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