Global Technology Transformation with Appcentric’s ‘Rise with SAP’


While today’s globalization continues to support worldwide economic growth, technology advancement has been a challenge for most businesses in varying sizes, both locally and abroad.

No doubt, technology is key in optimizing different businesses across a number of industries. However, choosing the right software application for one’s organization is no easy matter as the decision also entails a huge amount of investment.

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Global Technology Transformation with Appcentric‘s ‘Rise with SAP

In particular, Cloud ERP solutions for SAP companies are in demand these days as business processes are transformed to adapt to the changing needs of the times.

Choosing the Right Technology

If you are in the spectrum of medium to large enterprises looking for a cloud-enabled ERP system, then Appcentric has a ‘good news‘ for you.

Appcentric‘s “RISE with SAP” is a technology offering that can transition your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data and processes to the cloud with minimum risk and without compromise.

Its key feature bundles a tailor-made ERP software, transformation services, business analytics, and partner expertise, that can guide your organization, along a personalized path to the cloud.

Appcentric Rise with SAP
Exploring Appcentric’s Rise with SAP

Tailor-Fit Cloud ERP Solution

What does “tailored-to-fit” exactly mean? Simply said, the subject matter can be CUSTOMIZED according to your needs.

In this case, RISE with SAP ‘s implementation that can be customized depending on the requirements of your company. This includes creating innovative business models ready for global implementation, automating business processes across operations, growing your bottom line with industry-specific best practices, and maintainig a core strategy optimising cloud ERP qualities.

Seamless Business Process Transformation

Another feature of RISE with SAP is its enablement of an automated business process transformation that you can implement across your operations.

It is capable of the following:

  • Understand, improve, and transform your business processes faster and at scale.
  • Deliver instant insights on key performance indicators
  • Accelerate projects with a state-of-the-art process modelling platform
  • Share knowledge and ideas to drive continuous innovation
Rise with SAP
Appcentric as a Full SAP Life Cycle Provider

Efficient Platform and Real-Time Analytics

With RISE with SAP, your organization is assured of an efficient platfrom and real-time analytics.

This means accessing complete views of all your data within any specific time, rich user automated interactions with artificial intelligence (AI), customised business processes without costly maintenance, while working faster and more responsively with low-code and no-code development tools.

Result-Driven Services

Finally, Rise with SAP is one with your organization in targetting outcome-driven services.

This includes a smooth transition to the cloud at your own pace, sourcing needed skills and partners from a global partner ecosystem, and a service level agreement with 99.7% application uptime.

Needless to say, these product features are essentials and relevant to today’s business needs!

Appcentric Solutions Inc.

Value Beyond Expectations

When it comes to product value, Appcentric‘s Rise with SAP is an industry leader known for top-line, bottom-line, and green-line growth.

Expect non-stop improvement with continuous insight to optimize business processes.

And finally, surveillance and control concerns are abated as your move to the cloud comes with a built-in security focused on protecting your enterprise data integrity and confidentiality.

With today’s security issues here and there, a trust-worthy business partner is key.

Rise with SAP Appcentric
Some of Appcentric Philippines’s CLients

If these features piqued your interest about Appcentric‘s Cloud ERP Solutions and what it can do for your business process transformation, feel free to know more about ‘Rise with SAP‘ on their website and social channels such as Facebook.

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