New Great Taste Supreme Variants: Reward Yourself Everyday


Having a cup of coffee is considered by most as a simple act of rewarding oneself. There’s that appetizing aroma, the comforting warmth, and the calmness surrounding the ritual of sitting down with a fresh cup.

If you can relate, you’ll be happy to know that your favorite coffee mix brand is treating you to two new flavors for your everyday indulgence: Great Taste Supreme Toffee Hazelnut and Great Taste Supreme Black Forest Latte.

Great Taste Supreme
Catriona Gray celebrates her everyday wins like a queen with Great Taste Supreme

Now, you can reward yourself with an indulgent cup of coffee every day for an affordable price! 

Relish the nutty linamnam goodness of Toffee Hazelnut, topped with exciting choco brown mallows. Or, savor the choco-cherry linamnam taste of Black Forest Latte topped with delicious cherry red mallows. 

Thanks to Great Taste Supreme’s Toffee Hazelnut and Black Forest Latte variants!

Great Taste Supreme Toffee Hazelnut
Reward yourself with a cup of Great Taste Supreme Toffee Hazelnut after completing task.
Great Taste Supreme Black Forest Latte
Prepare yourself a cup of Great Taste Supreme Black Forest Latte after completing a report due

Your wins — big or small — deserve a reward, whether this means waking up on time for work, working hard on a project, finally catching up with your friends, finishing a great workout, having a well-deserved me-time, or just whenever you feel like treating yourself. 

Even better: you can cop these rewarding coffee indulgences for just Php 8 SRP per 26g sachet from your nearest supermarkets, convenience stores, or at Universal Robina Corporation (URC)’s official stores online.

Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2019
Miss Universe 2019 Catriona Gray with her Great Taste Supreme

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What are you waiting for? Try the newest feel-good, everyday reward: Great Taste Supreme Toffee Hazelnut and Great Taste Supreme Black Forest Latte. Share with us your feedback after you’ve tasted them!

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